Saturday, October 08, 2005

87 years ago today - October 8, 1918

1918 pandemic, war, and small town life, as reported by the local paper (beginning Oct 1). The virus is in San Francisco, and has reached Redding, but hasn't arrived in Nevada County yet.

(No October 7, 1918 paper - it was a Monday, and The Union didn't publish on Mondays.)


October 8, 1918

Henry J. Widenman, head of the State Highway Commission, killed himself accidentally while hunting with a shotgun. He was an active Republican and Progressive in politics.

Red Cross called to fight influenza

Secretary of the Interior collapses while making speech* - Acute indigestion given as cause

Influenza kills Brigadier
Brigadier General Charles A. Doyen, commandant of Marine Corp Training [?] at Quantico

High Vitality of People is Influenza's Foe
Vitality of the American people is high. This is robbing the influenza of much of its terrors. ... Science is arrayed strongly against the disease. And soon climatic conditions over the greater part of the country should be such as to check its ravages.

Influenza should not make people hysterical
Prevalence of influenza in several army camps and among civilians in a good many states has become somewhat serious...(but preventive measures and prompt treatment help) and there is a notable decrease in new cases in several localities.

The Pacific Coast has thus far been virtually immune to the disease in virulent form. It may come...but climatic conditions are such that it will probably be less severe than in the Northeastern States.

It is well that wise precautions be taken. But there is no reason for Californians to become hysterical about the malady. It can be and will be conquered and there is no present menace to the state.
...Coolness and caution and due attention to preventive methods should prove effectual. In any event, giving way to exaggerated alarm will do no good and might do harm.
Carefulness rather than consternation should be the rule.


There's community singing at the Auditorium tonight.

Edward J White funeral well attended
... The large [Elks] hall was filled with friends and acquaintances of the dead soldier.

The funeral of Joseph Kieffer will be at 2pm Wednesday.

Maril Mresi has died of pneumonia in Aberdeen MD

Mary Huy, who came to Nevada County in 1859, has died in Redding at age 68. Cause is said to be valvular heart trouble; it came suddenly but was not unexpected.
Her son is head clerk at the National Hotel.

Raymond Paull at Camp Lewis has pneumonia, but is recovering slowly.

Small boy bitten by Ferocious Dog
Little Irvin Hays was badly bitten by a vicious bulldog on Temby St.
The dog owner was ordered to confine the dog for 10 days, to watch for rabies.


October 8, 2005

Bird flu (in birds) in Europe; cases reported in Romania and Turkey. Not yet clear if it's H5N1 or a "normal" strain.

In Forbes:
The United States is unprepared for a global flu pandemic, according to a draft of a federal report, which predicts a worst-case scenario that could lead to the deaths of 1.9 million Americans and the hospitalization of 8.5 million more people with costs exceeding $450 billion. ..."

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