Friday, October 14, 2005

87 years ago today - October 14, 1918

1918 pandemic, war, and small town life, as reported by the local paper (beginning Oct 1). The virus is in San Francisco, and has hit Redding and other Northern California towns, but hasn't arrived in Nevada County yet.

notes for today are also brief.


German in lumber camp tarred and feathered ("by his fellow workers") for not buying [war] bond

on p. 3, a Public Health Service bulletin on how to guard against influenza

Mario Maresi was buried in Pine Grove Cemetary

Mable Rowe, age 38, died in Alameda



via Crofsblog, Tamiflu-resistant virus found in Vietnamese girl - here on

Tamiflu is made from Shikimic acid, produced by the Chinese star anise plant*

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