Thursday, October 13, 2005

87 years ago today - October 13, 1918

1918 pandemic, war, and small town life, as reported by the local paper (beginning Oct 1). The virus is in San Francisco, and has hit Redding and other Northern California towns, but hasn't arrived in Nevada County yet.

notes for today are brief.

Big fires in Minnesota and Wisconsin

p.6, William Hegarty died August 18 (no details)

Colfax Boy* Dies of Flu
Leonard Murley, railway tunnel guard in the canyon above Redding, has died (in Redding area).


bird flu has reached Europe (in birds). Washington Post report on the Capitol Hill Flu Briefing:
"We and the entire world remain unprepared for what could arguably be the most horrific disaster in modern history,"
"Let me paint you a little picture. Twenty to 30 percent of your employees don't show up to work . . . schools are closed . . . transportation systems are curtailed or shut down . . . Critical infrastructure will or may fail: food, water, power, gas, electricity."...

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