Wednesday, October 12, 2005

87 years ago today - October 12, 1918

1918 pandemic, war, and small town life, as reported by the local paper (beginning Oct 1). The virus is in San Francisco, and has hit Redding and other Northern California towns, but hasn't arrived in Nevada County yet.

No Abatement of Influenza Noticeable
...slight decline in number of new army camp influenza cases, but pneumonia is up.
Total camp cases 223,000; pneumonia 28,000; deaths 8,000

From Auburn, government to look into Tony Cottopassi case. A soldier at Camp Fremont, he was home on furlough trying to sell his hotel...


The War Exhibit train was in Colfax yesterday

Saurin King buried at Greenwood Cemetary

Editorial/Features page:
Avoid Spreading Germs of Colds

Other editors' views:
"Land for returning soldiers" has now been taken up by public welfare cranks...[They shouldn't;] Uncle Sam will look after his boys when the Huns have been sufficiently punished, and don't you forget it.

p. 5
Seven are headed for Fort Rosencrans, including John E. Lewis and William H. Kneebone
Another Home Guard Dance this evening

p. 6, another Flu Bulletin, from Surgeon General Rupert Blue, on how to check influenza's spread.



Xarker on Why a pandemic will kill newspapers, to which I parrot another observation from Peter Sandman:
the media cover a story in proportion to how interesting it is, not in proportion to how significant it is. ...
...journalistic sensationalism goes into remission when facing a story that is legitimately terrifying... reporters and editors instead find themselves allied with official sources in over-reassuring the public.

In other words, the media's not optimized for informing its readers.

..which ties back to other Xark posts...

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