Wednesday, October 05, 2005

87 years ago today - October 5, 1918

Liberated Flemings from Ledegham say the Germans "forced the civilians to sleep on the floor while husky Germans occupied their beds". 28 villagers were killed by the Germans.

There were 9 Grand Jury indictments for seditious utterances in Sacramento; bail is $1000 each (for 4 male residents of Stockton and for Mrs. Johanna May Powell of Chico)

Influenza is Sweeping Over Whole Nation

- Public Health Service statement recommending suspension of gatherings
(Washington DC, Oct 4)
Continues its rapid spread - become an epidemic in many more cities - 12,975 new cases reported among soldiers training in the U.S. - Public Health Service officials say the best way to combat it is to prohibit public gatherings; Head of the Treasury Secretary McAdoo has asked newspaper editors to give publicity to the suggestions.


The J. Warren Kerrigan film "One Dollar Bid" is playing at the Auditorium Theater - Fatty Arbuckle in his funniest 2-reel comedy, "Oh Doctor" shows at the Nevada Theater - tonight's the weekly dance of the Home Guard - and there'll be a general patriotic program at the Rough and Ready schoolhouse.

The Naffziger and Fischer residences on Nevada St are for rent.


Influenza Don'ts

  • indulge in promiscuous coughing or sneezing in public if possible - if you do, cover or smother...
  • use common drinking glasses or towels
  • visit a person who is suffering from or is suspected to be suffering from "grippe"
  • neglect a "cold", but seek proper medical advice
  • visit places of crowded assemblage
  • sleep in overcrowded or unheated rooms
  • indulge in excesses of any kind.


Darrel Coughlan promoted - has written to his parents from Camp Lewis[*] that he now wears the stripes of Corporal. He was promoted after only 12 days in the camp.

RJ Ronchi's Red Front Store in Nevada City offers Local Mountain Potatoes:
We now have a new lot of fine large local potatoes. They are the best we have been able to offer this year and are very fine.


A society piece on the wife and daughter of John W. Davis, the new U.S. Ambassador to England - "Miss Davis is a college student and one of the most popular girls of her set"


Influenza at Redding
dated Oct 4 - 16 cases reported up to last evening; no case is serious as yet (and no pneumonia)


October 5, 2005

From CIDRAP (pandemic page here), Scientists recreate 1918 flu virus, see parallels with H5N1
The 1918 flu pandemic, regarded as the worst in history, killed as many as 100 million people.
Mice infected with [the reconstructed virus] died in as little as 3 days, and mice that survived as long as 4 days had 39,000 times as many virus particles in their lungs as did mice infected with a control flu virus
Within 24 hours, [infected human] lung cells released at least 50 times as much virus as did lung cells infected with the [normal flu] strain.
...Only 10 amino-acid changes in the polymerase genes consistently distinguish the 1918 virus and subsequent human flu viruses from the same genes in avian viruses. It adds, "A number of the same changes have been found in recently circulating, highly pathogenic H5N1 viruses that have caused illness and death in humans and are feared to be the precursors of a new influenza pandemic."

From the Dallas Morning News, U.S. unprepared for influenza pandemic
The United States is woefully unprepared if - and it's a big if - an influenza pandemic erupts, public health experts say.
"The people of the country ought to rest assured that we're doing everything we can," President Bush said this week.
The avian virus...has caused only 60 human deaths out of 116 confirmed cases reported since 2003

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