Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A question not (yet) answered

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Jan. 21 Update:
Publisher responds to request for clarification, answers question:
My involvement in the newsroom meetings during [now-departed editor]'s tenure was as a silent observer less than once a month.
time to go cut Hospice a check...

Jan. 20 Update:
The Union's publisher has responded with an email, which is now posted over here; it details his current (since former editor's departure earlier this month) and expected future (after new editor's arrival) involvement in The Union's newsroom.

Executive summary: it sounds quite reasonable.

What we wanted to know, though, is the degree of past involvement, and we're not sure that the email answered this question. which he lays out above.
Original post:

The Sacramento Bee article on the movement to oust The Union's publisher ** may have had more than just the single error.

To clarify the status of this second issue, we emailed the publisher last night to ask one question; we hope that he will consent to reply.

Subject: Question re Bee article and news meetings
To: [publisher of The Union]

For the record -

Kearns [author of Bee article] says:

[publisher] said he stays out of newsroom decisions.
"I don't have any idea what goes into the paper until
I pick it up in the morning"...

Roughly how many news meetings (i.e., discussions
about possible or actual upcoming stories) have you
attended since you became publisher of The Union?

Thanks -

Maybe the publisher was too busy to answer today; in any case, it's likely that he doesn't count corresponding with us as one of his favorite activities.
We will donate $100 to Hospice of the Foothills if he will answer the question.
See updates, at top of this post.

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