Sunday, January 09, 2005

Name it after what used to be there

On our growing-ever-less-Free Republic -

Year-end thoughts from libertarian Lew Rockwell:
The most significant socio-political shift in our the dramatic shift of the red-state bourgeoisie from leave-us-alone almost totalitarian statist nationalism.
...[T]the very people who once proclaimed hated of government now advocate its use against dissidents of all sorts, especially against those who would dare call for curbs in the totalitarian bureaucracy of the military, or suggest that Bush is something less than infallible in his foreign-policy decisions...The American right today has managed to be solidly anti-leftist while adopting an ideology ...that is also frighteningly anti-liberty.
... there are two main dangers to liberty, one that comes from the left and the other that comes from the right...What is the most pressing and urgent threat to freedom that we face in our time? It is not from the left...

David Neiwert isn't liking it much either.

Why does this remind me of Nevada County? Some letters responding to Al Neuharth

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