Saturday, January 08, 2005

Sick search stretches six months

Feb. 16: We need to quit speaking too soon; it still has issues.

Jan. 26: Fixed at last! To verify, search for "functionaries"; when broken, no hits were returned.
[previous overly-optimistic updates removed]

Yesterday marked what we'll consider the six-month anniversary of The Union's (and other Swift papers') broken Archive Search:

July 7, Greeley Tribune:
Our technical folks tell us they’ll get this problem resolved quickly, so bear with us. Searches for recent copy seems to work, but a lot is missing if you try to go deeper into the archives.

Oct 7, The Union:
Swift Newspaper techs in Reno (where our site is hosted) says it is a problem with Publicus, our Web software. Publicus needs to reindex our archive. Problem is, Publicus tells us it has no time because of something to do with the Florida hurricanes...In any case, we are still working on it...

Jan. 8, 2005, The Union's Search page:
MAINTENANCE NOTICE: You may have difficulty finding articles when searching by keyword. While we work to resolve this issue, try searching by date or for a word or words that appeared in the headline. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Union
And yes, it was still broken.

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