Monday, January 03, 2005

Locals in the news

Jan. 12 post, important, on the Bee article error

See comments related to the Kearns (Bee) article (which was linked to from Romenesko today) at the Dec 2 NCFocus post about NCCRJ. Apologies for requiring registration for comments; completely anonymous ones were not civil.

Jeff Kearns in Sac Bee on the dump publisher movement, with a piece that comes out sounding pretty sympathetic to said publisher; it's interesting how differently someone can come across in the absence of links and quotes. People do say that he's a very likable guy in person.
(even if he does look scary in the photo)

At last we learn the position of Swift CEO Arne Hoel (who never did return my phone call, and who apparently wouldn't talk to Kearns about it either - "wouldn't talk about Ackerman, referring questions to The Union") - on a letter to a local resident:
"I have worked with thousands of newspaper people over the years and Jeff, in my opinion, is one of the best," Hoel wrote. "Jeff also has the gumption to take a position. Consequently, some readers love him, some readers hate him and some governmental officials fear him."
Publisher made waves in his previous position at the Nevada Appeal, here - partial results here, here.

New Doolittle-supported Sierra College trustee alleges funding improprieties and calls for Sierra College president's resignation.*

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