Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Space and Flight

In their weblog, the Nevada County Imaginarium solicits your ideas for their upcoming Spring exhibit on Space and Flight.

Featured local citizens could range from Lyman Gilmore to local boy Chuck Yeager to astro-luminary Don Machholz of Colfax.

All roads lead to home - a Metafilter post featured these stunning aerial photos (for a Calendar) taken from radio-controlled model airplanes; among them was this view of the Bridgeport covered bridge, which turns out to have been taken by Grass Valley Group engineer and aerial photographer Matt Woolsey.

Here's our interview with him.

Here are his photos, including these from

Nevada City:

Penn Valley:

We especially like this Nevada City photo - with Park St. in the foreground, running into Boulder.

Also via Metafilter, some nonlocal aerial photography:

Not aerial, but beautiful - landscape photography by Max Lyons, especially his Scotland photos.

Added Jan. 20: The Daring Visionaires of Fringe Aviation

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