Friday, November 12, 2004

Engles' letter to Swift, and its context

Short on time? Here's the link to Eric Engles' letter advocating publisher regime change at The Union.

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Background and context:

The nice thing about blogging - you can judge for yourself. Please follow the links below, and form your own opinion.

The Union's publisher has long gone over the line, in the eyes of many local residents, most recently with an extended and one-sided pre-election attack on one candidate. (Jim Hurley nails it)

In response, Grass Valley resident Eric Engles writes a letter to Swift Newspapers Inc * requesting that the publisher be replaced, and sends it out with an email exhorting others to do likewise.

The Union's editor sees the email and letter, and appends a slanted and demonstrably inaccurate account to the end of one of his weekly columns.

A letter writer who responds to this with a call to replace editor too, receives a [legally] threatening email from said editor.

The Union's publisher makes light of Engles' points in one of his weekly columns.

When Engles requests space in the paper to respond to the publisher's and editor's columns, the editor offers "a word for a word" justice:
Since my reference to your campaign was 300 words tacked on the end of my column, I would be glad to accept 300 words from you in reply.

One of the 300 words is a link to this page. (Opposing views here and here)
Jan. 20 update: changed the 'title' tag for the link to publisher's columns.

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