Saturday, November 06, 2004

Two quotes, one perspective, much irony

Nov.7: sorry, can't count, three quotes now.
Nov. 8: they're breeding like rabbits - four

Nov 8
Clarification: We wish to make it abundantly clear that sections of the paper, articles in the paper, whole issues of the paper are excellent! Do not take personally, please, ye of the infantry who valiantly sally forth and shed blood, sweat, tears to inform the public.

Publisher Stephen Waters:
We may "own" the local media, but we consider we hold it in stewardship for the community.

Most likely found over at Ed Cone's a while back:
"My father told me many times when I was growing up: 'Son, a community is never any better than its local newspaper.'

"I have come to find truth in Dad's statement, and I believe those of us who have the responsibility for managing newspapers must realize the vital role we play in the life, growth, tone and tenor of our communities. It is a sacred trust and we must treat it as such."

Doc Searls, touring the Santa Barbara News-Press:
Our tour guide, the photo editor of the paper, talked about how hard it is to get new subscribers when so many readers were getting their news elsewhere, or just seemed to give too small a sh*t. Yet he remained no less motivated, for the simple reason that daily papers remain highly civilizing forces for the regions they serve, and he felt privileged to be part of one.

Former Nevada editor:
I take my responsibility very seriously and I understand full well the responsibility we have to our community and to you, our valuable readers.

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