Monday, November 22, 2004

The Union's website - what's changed, what hasn't


The Search page is no longer silently defective; it now warns that it has problems.

Thanks for adding the alert, which should help to prevent misunderstandings like the one in this election letter:
Who would you prefer as a representative to plead our cause...A councilor who has certified skills in dealing with people, or an officer who refers to his opponents as "leftist and left-leaning functionaries," and "braying asses?"

I realize these quotes are taken out of context. I would refer you to The Union's Web archives for the context, but Nate's Other Voices articles have been removed. I asked why, but received no reply.
The articles hadn't been removed (they're here and here ) but when a search no longer brings them up, it's reasonable to assume they're gone, particularly if no one explains otherwise.

The North Star House Series page now contains links to the more recently published articles. Content of articles is still not obvious from perusing the page, but apparently that's a limitation of the software:
> The "crowd defends land trust" article is still not linked to from
> the "North Star House Controversy" webpage, on The Union's website.
> Is this an oversight? if so, when will the link be added, and will it
> be clear from the "blurb" that no wrongdoing was found?

The North Star page just hadn't been updated with some of the more recent
stories. I added them today. The "blurb" is generated by the content
management system. It uses the first paragraph or a limit of characters,
depending on which it reaches first.


Still true:

The "search by date" functionality still doesn't bring up "election letters", contrary to the editor's stated intent.

The "election letters" classification still includes letters that simply contained the word "elections", even when the thrust of the letter was entirely different.

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