Friday, April 21, 2006

The Union Makes Headlines...

...from otherworldly fabric.

The Union reporter Josh Singer has an interesting story today
(since picked up by Talking Points Memo - Josh, you done good)
in which the Nevada County Republican Party Chairman and one other Party member defend John and Julie Doolittle's implementation of campaign finance.
(money quote, so to speak: "'As long as it's legal', it's ethical")

Perhaps even more interesting than the article is the headline The Union gave it: not "We located two active Nevada County Republicans (both Party apparachiks) who were willing to go on the record supporting Doolittle; neither holds public office"*
but rather
"County leaders rally around Doolittle."

It's like taking a "Climate in the Sierras is changing and boy are we screwed unless we change our ways now" story and titling it
"Mixed message on Sierra climate change".

Or like Tuesday's changing of a Washington Post article's title from
Donations for a Congressman, Profits for His Wife
Doolittle's wife sets up 'legal and ethical' fundraising firm.


Whodunit, and why? Enquiring minds want to know.

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