Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fish seizure, and shameless namedropping

Carpe diem -
Today's news-making late-Devonian fish out of water (and adapting to land) was siezed by paleontologists* Neil Shubin and Farish Jenkins; I went to school with the former, we took human anatomy from the latter.

Eons ago.

Some lessons learned:
  • Neil is in a whole different ballpark from Anna
  • Hands are really cool when you know what lies beneath.
  • There's a rotary (ok, "roundabout") in your brain; fortunately the blood cells navigate with consummate skill, so accidents are rare.
  • When choosing your cadaver, get a man, since voluptuous curves come from subcutaneous fat which is miserable to deal with.*

a quote from that bygone era -
"enough to strain the imagination of even a paleontologist..."

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