Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Run of Bloggers in Nevada City

News flash: Three of the four candidates running for the two open seats on Nevada City's City Council now have weblogs.

Incumbent Conley Weaver's blog starts off simple, with his campaign brochure.

Early this morning, incumbent Kerry Arnett burst upon the blogging scene with a volley of posts. So far it's still basic campaign stuff, but I suspect he's got a feeling for the tools and may take it far beyond that; perhaps even as far as Greensboro* Elected Official bloggers Sandy Carmany and Jeff Thigpen (and check out Thigpen's sidebar, which links to elected bloggers all over the country).

Challenger Barbara Coffman is the veteran of our pack; she's been blogging since last week. Her most recent posts cover two of last month's city council and planning commission meetings, peppered with her views of the proceedings.
(Bonus City Council coverage: Yubanet's Dorothy Talan-Quaid reports on Monday's Nevada City Council meeting. )

One contender, Sheila Stein, is still not blogging her candidacy.


Bonus new blog: this week Dixie Redfearn of The Union started her weblog.

A toast to our new bloggers (welcome Conley, Kerry, Barbara and Dixie!) and to the flourishing of online journalism (thank you Dot!)

and - the rest of you?

If you don’t explain yourself, you just invite others to do the explaining of you for you.*

If you're running for office in Nevada County and want to try blogging, operators are standing by - let me know and I'll set you up, and/or you can attend Russ Steele's "how to blog" class scheduled for next month.
(to contact me, you can either leave a comment here, or send email to ncfocus2003 at, putting this weblog's name somewhere in your email's subject: line.)



I know Barbara, and pretty much set up her blog, and helped set up her website*, and have provided (mostly unsolicited) "campaign advice" - basically this:
Be the candidate who goes beyond brochureware and photos, who takes the time and the risk to let the voters know exactly who and what they'll be voting for.

I've voted for Kerry and Conley in the past; I've contributed to Conley's and likely Kerry's campaigns in the past; I've spoken with Conley a very few times and don't think I've ever met Kerry.
And I initially* set up their blogs too, and have offered "weblog mechanic" help if they need it in future.

I've met Sheila very briefly, and offered to help her get started blogging as well.

(I've also suggested to everybody that enabling comments on their campaign weblog is likely premature. Large enthusiastic kudos to anyone with the cojones to do it, but for most, "one step at a time" eases the way into blogging, and for now, that's what we need.)

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