Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Comforting the afflicted

(for context - see this Sacramento Bee editorial and TPM Muckraker's Doolittle posts)

Big Doolittle news day today for The Union - the paper paper (but nothing about it online *...) devotes a whopping fifteenth of the front page (below the fold) to
Doolittle's campaign raises almost $800,000

[front page]

The (illegible, sorry) sub-sub-hed at the bottom says

Doolittle's wife sets up fund-raising company
(five years old*, present tense and today's news)

and points inside, to this republished Washington Post article titled
Donations for a Congressman, Profits for His Wife

though in The Union it's been retitled:
[page 10]
Doolittle's wife sets up 'legal and ethical' fundraising firm
("legal and ethical" according to his spokesman, the only person quoted in the article)

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Bruce said...

That's a nice $80,000 slice for the Doolittle family. I'm glad we could help.

Bruce said...

Scuse my blunder, it's a nice $120,000 slice.

pseudonym said...
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Anna said...

From the criteria for comments - "Informative civil dialogue is the goal here"

(but thanks pseudonym for adopting one)