Monday, April 24, 2006

Don't let Congress ruin the Internet

Once again, the threat comes from within.

See Talking Points Memo (since you still can) on the Congressional bill that would set the stage for the demise of the web as we've known it.

"Brainy quotes" from John T. Doolittle:
The only way the Internet will continue to remain the thriving medium it has become today is to keep it under the control of the United States.*

we are sending a clear message to the U.N. and urging the Bush Administration to remain firm in its position that existing structures must continue to be maintained by the U.S. in order to preserve the stability and security of the Internet* has a map that lets you see your representatives' position on this bill. Unfortunately it uses Flash so I still don't know whether ours is for or against preserving the freedom and openness of the Internet.

(Is there anything that's not under threat in this era?)

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