Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Updates - proprietor, Nevada City house beverage, bloggers in meetspace, Fortress Union

Apr 21: added circumscription(?)* re Harris and Rosen.
Feb 21 update: added links and updates to the Fortress Union section of this post.

(And cursed Blogger, once again, for interpreting "Save" as "Publish")

It is late. The proprietor is tired and has nothing to say, or at least nothing that doesn't deserve to be composed in a more alert frame of mind.


Nevada City's drinking water for the last month or so has been delectable, a veritable fount of nectar, stunningly palatable and anodoriferous.

[the proprietor assumes that "anodoriferous" is a word, and if it isn't, it should be.]

Many thanks to those whose efforts brought about the change; your karma is riding high.

[wildflower photo: Indian Warrior] [wildflower photo: Shooting Star]

Through the auspices of that archaic device the 'telephone', a rapprochement of Right and Left babe* bloggers was plotted and executed; and once again the blogging world turns out to be absurdly small, with Sadie being practically within rock-throwing distance of No Man's Land. Memo to self: do not rile Sadie. Ever.

The manzanita's blooming, and the wildflowers* have just begun.

Fortress Union

Over at The Union, reporter Britt Retherford has been doing a bang-up job lately, with no-holds-barred coverage of Abramoff-related Doolittle contributions and of the cost of housing locally (insane; stratospheric). As I told editor Pat Butler in one of a number of unanswered emails to reporter, copy editors, and editor of The Union, we need to clone her.
Update, reported by PB on Feb. 15: she's leaving.*

One unanswered email went to reporter Dave Moller, asking who had taken his Jan. 23 "Climate in the Sierras is changing and boy are we screwed unless we change our ways now" story and titled it "Mixed message on Sierra climate change". Three unanswered emails to the three copy editors, asking if they could tell me who had given the story its headline. One unanswered email to new city editor on a different topic, to be blogged another day. One unanswered email to the editor, pointing out the deafening silence from his staff*.
(and yes, there is good reason to assume that the emails went through)

And one amusing editorial from The Union a few days ago, castigating the new owners of The Casino in Grass Valley for their policy of not talking to the press.

Feb 21 update:
Apparently I'm not the only blogger unworthy of answers - Roch of Greensboro101.com is having trouble getting answers from the News and Record, John Harris of the Washington Post has dissed Jay Rosen of PressThink*, and WaPo ombudshumanoid Deborah Howell presumably continues to stonewall UC Berkeley econ prof. Brad DeLong.
And here's Daniel Ellsberg weighing in:
It seems to me there's an opportunity that didn't exist before because of the internet for local people to be going into their local newspapers and networks and saying, Here's what was on the internet, here's the coverage, how come you didn't have anything on this?
...There's a tremendous lack of self-examination by the press. Put real public pressure on them right now, to get them to do a hell of a lot better than they did last year or the year before.
It's an interesting interview, as is this piece by Carl Bernstein that it links to.

And, on the weather front: we're not in springtime anymore.[photo of snow in Nevada City last weekend]


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