Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Watts up with ZEV2Go?

So far, owner Anthony Watts isn't talking.
I have questions about Watts's electric car business ZEV2Go; but in the last three working days, two phone messages to his business - including one in which I requested that he tell me so, if he doesn't want to answer questions about this business - have not been returned.

Aug. 6 Update:
10 days ago Mr. Watts sent me an email informing me that he didn't intend to answer my questions via email or by phone & that he was sending me a "letter" in which he would address the questions I posed on my blog. [Confidential to Anthony: we're not in the 1900s anymore...]

As of yesterday morning, at least, the letter had still not arrived.

I asked further questions via email; to my knowledge, they haven't been answered either.

These fellows do show an odd aversion to using email.


Russ said...

Why does Anthony have to answer your question? What authority do you have to force him to answer? The last time I checked this was still America and we are a free people.

Anna Haynes said...

> "What authority do you have to force him to answer? "

Russ, I agree completely - if Anthony Watts wants to resort to "the check is in the mail"-style evasion, he has every right to do so. As do the rest of us - we *all* have every right to present ourselves as evasive and timid, as folks who jump up on a chair & whose voices go up several octaves when a mouse comes near.

Maybe I'm missing something, but that's what it looks like to me.

(FYI, yesterday afternoon I sent an email to Anthony Watts alerting him to this update - so he'd know to respond, if I did misinterpret - but haven't gotten any response from him, just this blog comment from Russ.)