Saturday, July 10, 2010

Query - your knowledge re climate change education in our county? (past, present, future)

I've started looking into what is & isn't taught about climate change here in Nevada County, and I'm sure that a lot of people - locally and elsewhere - know far more about this than I do. So, if you're out there, could you share what you know, or just point me in the right direction(s)?

(I'm in the phone book, or you can email (don't forget the .us!) at with info.)

I'm starting with public schools - including Sierra College - but that's just the start, since climate ed. could come from private schools, from media, and from local organizations. I'm interested in *any* information/documentation regarding climate messaging (including "complete absence thereof") by any players locally - and any info on "upstream" influences, that determine what the local players get to work with.

Pre-college, climate change is (only) taught in the Earth Science classes, right? - which are taught in the 6th and the 11th grade? - where the textbook is chosen - by a committee, in each different school district(?) (subject to approval by its school board) - from California's "adopted textbook" list? - which is selected by (a committee appointed by?) the Calif. Board of Education (which is governor-appointed, and currently appears to have zero members with a science background) based on the CA science content standards and frameworks (which were created by a (different? same?) CA BoE committee) - which may end up changing to "common"(multi-state) "core" standards (which now exist for English & math, but have yet to be written for science) - which (the English & math) will be discussed next week in Sacto at a joint meeting of the CA Board of Education and Community College Board of Governors. (should I go?)

(The above is just to give you a feel for what I think I know, & what I know I don't know.)

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