Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sac N&R: big legal mess if "Big Oil’s ballot attack" succeeds

From the July 22 Sacramento News & Review issue comes an in-depth look at likely consequences of November's "Stop AB32" initiative, AB23 - titled "Don’t panic", it suggests that if you're a lawyer, good times could be coming.
"Instead of saving the economy from overzealous environmental regulation, the measure [AB23, to stop 2006's AB32] is more likely to spawn lawsuits and confusion—and send a message to clean-tech investors that California can’t make up its mind."
"Backers of the initiative agree that much of Prop. 23’s impact will be sorted out in the courts. [Dan] Logue said even he isn’t sure which pieces would be scrapped by the new law and which would be left unscathed.
“It’s a good question,” said Logue. “I think there’s going to be a lot of legislation that’s going to be tested in the courts.”"
A thorough article; recommended reading.

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