Sunday, July 04, 2010

Nevada City Tree Map, on Google Maps

My weekend project; it's at

I populated it with the 40+ trees from the Nevada City Tree Tour brochure, put together by Friends of Trees of Nevada County; then added some others. Best N.C. shade tree, hands down: the American Linden.
(See the ones in the lot on N. Pine next to the historical library.)

What's missing?

Tomorrow, back to climate change.


Don Pelton said...


Excellent idea! It looks good.

(but trivial oops ...

the first link lands me in Kansas,the second one in Nevada City ... ).

Anna Haynes said...

Thanks Don for the bug report! I've deleted that shortcut.
(FYI, embedded spaces are evil.)

Anna Haynes said...

I should also add that I am not 100% sure about the mulberries (or "mulberries") since they did not appear to bear fruit over the summer. Maybe they're erratic, like walnuts?