Friday, April 08, 2005

The old ways are not inherently better

Nice (except for the format) PDF of a talk by Chris Mooney showing how the norms of journalism lead to lousy science reporting, and how fringe groups use this to their benefit.

Related, the Union's editorial yesterday, which - while taking a step forward by providing URLs - still has a ways to go: note the use of false equivalence ("...We've heard from the vocal extremes...."), and the take-home message of "speak out, make your voice heard" with no accompanying exhortation to become informed first.
(From Butterflies and Wheels: "...majorities are often wrong, and they are much more likely to be wrong when they are uninformed about the issue to hand...").

Fortunately, "vocal extreme" Susan Rogers (of Media Literacy) steps up to the plate, taking Chris Mooney's "the journalistic objective remains to inform people" to heart on the PACNC website - see the Q&A and Myths and Facts. (and wish that the PDFs elsewhere on the site were HTMLs...)

This week's halo goes out to Susan Rogers.*

* No cronyism, nepotism or kickbacks were involved in the selection process; we have not met her.


Russ Steele said...


Your halos are tarnished. See my analyis on the NCMedia Watch web log.


Anna said...

Conversation continued here.