Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Sorry we trashed your world, kids"

How will you explain, to yours? "we didn't know"?
...and, if you work in an institution whose proclaimed purpose it is to let people know...?

It's not just theocracy coming down the pipes (*, *); now meet the proposed Sunset Commission, and imagine life without OSHA, the FDA, EPA... Did anyone else read John Brunner's 1972(?)The Sheep Look Up? ("One scene in the book, involving a defective microwave oven, has haunted me ever since"*)

On peak oil, via The Oil Drum, "a pretty good introduction and summary of the idea, from a relatively non-alarmist perspective" by an industry insider is here:
[We] are currently facing the biggest short-term threat to our economic wellbeing that the modern world has ever seen, involving the commodity that society is most dependent on.

Almost nothing, however, is heard of the phenomenon of "peak oil"...
A nuclear power plant might be in Beale's future.


Prof. Goose said...

Thanks for the link, folks at NCFocus...there's also a good primer located over on our sidebar ("a link to a good primer...") that I would point your readers towards as well.

We're doing what we can to spread the word. What's coming is inevitable, it's just a question of when and how.

Prof. Goose said...

oops, re: "our sidebar", "our" meaning over at The Oil Drum (

Anna said...

And if I might retract the speculation about Beale and nuclear power? seeing as how they decided to keep the air force base running....