Saturday, April 30, 2005

Lesson, anticipation, observations

May 15 update: it's been pointed out that a cursory reading of this post could leave you too with the wrong impression. So, in case you're rushed, the punch line is several paragraphs down, namely here.

Why it is good to read carefully, but more entertaining not to:

(FYI: The Greeley Tribune* and The Union* are both owned by the Swift newspapers* chain.)

Tribune article from yesterday, Swift gave ex-CEO $7 million:
...the "filing speaks for itself."...some industry sources indicated [CEO's departure] was not his decision..."There was a lot of conjecture that somehow the owners of Swift & Co. potentially wanted to make a change or were dissatisfied with his leadership. But he wouldn't have been given a consulting contract" if they were unhappy...
Reader's reaction (pushing the "up" button on Greeley Tribune status elevator): That Greeley Trib news team has integrity and guts, to be doing such hard-hitting reporting on their parent company.

Article continues:
... Just before Christmas, the company laid off 800 employees in preparation for a new second shift to further produce the meat slaughtered from the Greeley beef plant's first shift.
Reader's reaction: WTF???

*The Swift co. in the article is not the newspaper-owning Swift co.; its meaty articles originate from the musculature of cows ("...manufacturing, marketing and distribution of processed and canned meat products"*). (In the Greeley Trib comments*: "OUCH - I wonder if my company will consider canning me!!")

Speaking more locally,
  • According to his column today, The Union's editor will roll out his weblog ("...short, snappy and to the point...") on Monday. Unsolicited advice: try to avoid "snappy", no matter what the temptation; there will be plenty.
  • Still waiting for response from him (after 2 reminders in a week - how likely that both# were lost? Preparing to escalate to telephone - be afraid, be very afraid.)
  • Some socially responsible columns, editorials, and news articles on the needs for energy independence and for addressing the meth problem have emanated from The Union in the last week or so. This is good. (too lazy to dig up all the links, sorry)

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Dixie said...

That Swift Co. has no relation to the owners of this newspaper. Please correct. Thanks, Dixie