Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Training your dog the "Family Values" way

Last weekend we made the serendipitous acquaintance of Song Kowbell of Creative Canine Training - Song is called into households with misbehaving dogs, observes the family's interactions, then points out changes that can interrupt the dysfunctional dance, much like a canine version of Nanny 911.

A much different approach to canine behavior modification is taken by James Dobson of Focus on the Family, with which the Capitol Resource Institute is affiliated.* (CRI being the group behind the recent controversy over the high schools' "student access to confidential medical care during school hours if need be" / "parents rights" policy.)

How does this family values advocate deal with dissension in the ranks? Dobson tells us in his book (The Strong Willed Child); the passage is excerpted by Digby here. We don't have the stomach to repost it on NCFocus, but please, go read it. It provides insight.

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