Wednesday, May 21, 2003

new face on the blogroll

A warm welcome to Tom Nadeau, now appearing in the "Semi-local" section; ran across his weblog a day or two ago and was delighted to find he was author of an April SacBee article I'd saved, on Yuba City's upcoming first gated community: "Security, not exclusivity, is said [by interviewees] to be the chief factor for buyers choosing gated community living." - an amusing quote given conditions in one of our local gated communities, where the wildest creatures* to be found are certain of the resident subadults. When their chainlink perimeter fence is finally completed, the inhabitants may be in for a rude surprise as the full force of the mayhem is channeled back into their community.

*would include link, but The Union's Police Blotter section appears not to be searchable - or at least wildwood AND "golf cart" AND crash AND lake brought up no matches.

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