Thursday, May 01, 2003

a keeper

every time I sign in to Blogger I check one or two of the "recently updated weblogs" in the up until now vain hope that there'll be something special. Today I found it, it's Pure Land Mountain. Sample:
With all this rain falling, and so protractedly, it seems as though tsuyu (rainy season) gets longer every year, making Japan very water-rich, in contrast to what's happening in the brokerage houses. And if there's one society around here that really appreciates those waterfalls of heavenly largesse, it's the myriad citizens of the ancient and honorable nation of Frogonia, fresh from the winter mud. Themselves consisting mostly of water plus a strong desire to talk all night, as the rain creates their perfectly designed home in the paddies the Frogonians have been putting on quite a show for we merely sapient neoresidents who have to build our own houses...

p.s. also the carp that looked like Che Guevara

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