Thursday, November 24, 2011

Via Andrew Tobias, lifelong Republican David Frum speaks to your Republican family members

So help them listen - set them up with this article from Frum while you're busy in the kitchen.

(Frum's Republican creds: "been a Republican all my adult life...worked on the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal, at Forbes magazine, at the Manhattan and American Enterprise Institutes, as a speechwriter in the George W. Bush administration. ... believe in free markets, low taxes, reasonable regulation, and limited government. ... voted for John ­McCain in 2008)

"This isn’t conservatism; it’s a going-out-of-business sale for the baby-boom generation."

The A.T. excerpt is here.

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Don Pelton said...

Anyone who -- like Frum -- holds faithfully to his principles may be forgiven for feeling crazy as the ephemeral "center" of our political culture has shifted right in recent decades.

Frum may replace David Brooks as the liberals' "favorite conservative."

Ironically, Republican Frum is to the left of Democrat Obama. That does sound crazy.

What most amazes me, though, is how anyone can claim to hold steadfast to the "center," as if the center (a relative term) referred to something principled and unchanging.

(As an aside, I'd quibble with some of Frum's actual beliefs. For instance, since he believes in the "free market," the burden is on him to demonstrate that it actually exists. See James Galbraith's book, "The Predator State").