Friday, November 04, 2011

"Report an Error" for Nevada County media?

Which local blogs, newspapers, radio and TV show hosts are run by people want to know if they've made an error, so they can correct it? Would you like to know? One way to find out is to suggest that they join the Report an Error Alliance.


chip said...


Thanks for the entry about media updating errors... Mainstream print media has a legacy of "errors and corrections" as I'm sure you know. New digital media I don't think has the same legacy or convictions.

"Report an Error Alliance" (which I did not look at) sounds great. But, please consider another layer, another faction, another SOURCE, that an already time impinged service might need to embrace...

Oh yes, you are right: I am arguing for and against the same issue.

But ultimately, I'm asking, "with the 'democratization of information' how is information vetted?".

It's not...

Buyer beware...

- there are exceptions. But isn't it as difficult as always knowing which large corporate organizations to trust, as well as which small operations to trust?

Anna Haynes said...

Yes, it does require that the blog host have a sense of what is & what isn't a reliable source, & of how far this reliability is likely to extend.

And it could possibly be gamed, under certain conditions & "knowledge states" of the host and the bug-reporter.

But I think it's worth trying.

(after all, there is a reality, science is not a liberal conspiracy, etc)