Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tea Party Patriots IRS form 990, from MoJo

Stephanie Mencimer in Mother Jones last week, Tea Parties Aren't Cheap -
"The group, which made a name for itself by calling for more government transparency, had tinkered with its filing date in order to avoid public disclosure as long as possible. ... Eventually, I filed a complaint with the IRS, noting that the group wasn't complying with the law. That seems to have done the trick. ... Many tea party activists have suspected Meckler of getting a six-figure salary. According to the tax return, Meckler didn't get paid anything in FY 2009. However, the return also doesn't say who got the rest of the $100K+ in salaries, instead reporting to the IRS that because the group was in its "development" stage, officers and directors were paid via contract for their services, which apparently the group believes they don't have to spell out in the return. Translation: Meckler and other board members were paid for their services, they're just not going to tell the public or even their own members how much. "

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