Friday, July 29, 2011

Some info from early Sierra Environmental Studies Foundation docs

Just ran across the "Search the files of the Registry of Charitable Trusts" Calif. Attorney General webpage, and found some history on the Sierra Environmental Studies Foundation, the anti-environment charity vehicle of George Rebane, Russ Steele and John McDaniel; history which, not surprisingly, exposes more anti-environment roots.
(Also, SESF is "delinquent"; is this meaningful?)

SESF is listed as a Public Benefit Corporation; registration #097324, EIN 77-0408400, Corporate or Organization Number #1926960.
It's registered as a Charity, with a status of Delinquent - renewal date was 11/12/2005.
( federally, ERI shows its revenue as $0, and no Form 990s filed.)

SESF's founding document (pdf) shows its initial agent as former CABPRO head (*) Margaret Urke.

2004 showed (pdf) its authorized officer as Pat Davison, who had been field director for CABPRO and before that the (defunct) "Wise Use" group People for the USA (*), and now (or at least in 2010) heads the Truckee Tahoe Contractor’s Association; SESF had signed up with Car Program LLC for vehicle donations.

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frank -- Decoding SwiftHack said...

"Delinquent" in this case sounds like a hyper-technical term for 'umm yeah the so-called charity hasn't filed the necessary documents but we officials are too darn lazy to do anything about it'.

Perhaps if one makes a complaint about SESF to the IRS -- as MoJo did with the Tea Party -- they'll actually start doing something about the SESF's in-limbo status.

-- frank