Friday, July 08, 2011

Machinery of Climate Denial - on KVMR today, Mashey's talk via Radio Ecoshock

Why is this message news, to people who encounter it?
If you'd listened to KVMR today at noon(*), you'd already know it - and you'd know why it's news to others.
In today's Radio Ecoshock John Mashey pulled up the rug (blogpost+video, audio, notes) on the climate disinformation effort. Synopsis of his talk:
"... More than 97 percent of practicing climate scientists support the fact that global warming is happening and caused by humans, yet the public often thinks that scientists are seriously divided on this issue.

...Silicon Valley computer scientist and technology expert Dr. John Mashey will expose the underhanded, but effective PR/lobbying tactics of the anti-science campaign. ... His talk will examine the organization and activities of anti-science funders, think tanks, and spokespeople over the last 20 years, including recent developments and initiatives to counter their efforts."
Mashey is a mensch. More from him here.

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