Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Today's reading - Silicon Valley, Nevada County and wealth

(but first, VOTE)

New Paul Graham essay on How to be Silicon Valley - his essays are enormously worthwhile and this one is particularly so, given the implications for Nevada County. Economic Resource Council, are you listening? (Russ, perhaps you could pass it on?)

One of Paul's observations is that suburbia is not conducive to innovation; he gives several reasons why this is likely so, but missed the applicability of William Levitt's "No man who owns his own house and lot can be a communist; he has too much to do."
No communism, no startups...

In similar vein,* evolutionary anthropologist Jared Diamond on How to Get Rich
("what is the best way to organize human groups and human organizations and businesses so as to maximize productivity, creativity, innovation, and wealth?")

And a third out-of-the-box financial thinker, Nicholas Tayeb; local blogger George Rebane posted about Taleb's book a while back, and in the comments* to that post I provided some other links and excerpts.
("[in the financial markets] Taleb buys options because he is certain that, at root, he knows nothing, or, more precisely, that other people believe they know more than they do..."; Edge on Taleb here)

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Russ Steele said...

Paul Graham has a intersting model, but it has not been the model for high tech development in Nevada County. I have posted some history at ncwatch.typecast.com