Saturday, June 03, 2006


Tuesday: Appended an appendix (with sample)

Occasion: honoring philosopher / historian / Grass-Valley-native-turned-Harvard-Man Josiah Royce at his place of birth, now the Grass Valley (Royce) Library; four interlopers from the halls of academe descended upon Grass Valley to speak on various aspects of and relations to Royce's thoughts and writings.


  • To my left: Bruce Conklin, riffing off Royce's mother Sarah with Mary Hallock Foote and Julia Morgan.
  • To my right: George Rebane, aiming to clarify the Absolute.
  • In between: self, wondering (incoherently) where to get the most interesting information the easiest way.
  • Before self: strawberries, which nobody passed around.
  • Recording for posterity: NCTV
  • Unnatural constraint on communication: a microphone which needed to be brought to each would-be questioner in turn. (the utterances were not pre-moderated however)

Speakers' themes: recursion / metonymy / synecdoche / epitome

Gist: there are no unrelated topics

For context: past NCFocus posts on North Star House controversy (full Oct 2004 archive), another Julia Morgan house


If you're curious about the nature of Saturday's discourse, here's a sample* from one of the speakers:
...a moment ago I realized that, if I had understood precisely what [Josef] was trying to get at when he pointed out that for Hegel the Absolute is "social," I could have improvised a contribution that might have been truly helpful in articulating the stakes of theorizing California as a polity through the lens of German Idealism.

Got it?

It never hurts to know what the individual words mean, so I looked up polity.

It doesn't always help to know what the individual words mean.


daniel said...

"There are no unrelated topics." Hmmm... seems like I've heard that somewhere before...

Anna said...

Indeed. :-)

Daniel, I wish you could have been there, it was transcendant - the relativity was so thick you could've cut it with a knife.

Anna said...

and not just any knife; it was a veritable Gordian knot of relativity.

Anna said...

memo to self: the lameness of lexical leaps that appeared amusing in the dead of night becomes all too clear in the light of the following day.