Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Questions for/on the Sierra Environmental Studies Foundation

Friday morning update: no responses to (or acknowledgement of seeing) my questions in email or blog (I'd emailed a heads-up to Steele and Rebane late wed. night, shortly after posting this); I've just now left reminders in their respective blogs' comments (here and here)

In a recent comment I asked Russ Steele this question:
How is the Sierra Environmental Studies Foundation (website, blog), whose Board of Directors consists of you, George Rebane, and Michael McDaniel - funded?

He responded:
Public Contributions! Send a check to the post office box on the web site.

I was hoping for a more informative answer.

So, here are some more specific questions for Russ and/or George (who I've met) or Michael (who I haven't) - could one of you please answer them, or say why you don't feel they're appropriate:

  1. How long has SESF been in existence?

  2. Who are its top 5 contributors, and what are the amounts?

  3. Roughly what % of the SESF's total budget has come from these contributors?

  4. What time period are these numbers from? (I'm assuming that an appropriate time period over which to measure would be the year 2006 to date; if another time period would be more informative, feel free to use and specify it)

  5. What other local organization would you like to see similar data for? (if you provide your data, I'll make the same request for theirs)

Russ/George/Michael, if you can devote the time to providing helpful answers (to me and to my readers), I'll contribute $50 to SESF.

Bonus link for readers: SESF has recently published a report on Nevada County's [lack of] 'bird flu' pandemic planning (PDF).
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Russ Steele said...

George has an additional post on the SESF Blog with links at:

Anna said...

Thanks Russ.

I'm still hoping for answers on the funding questions.