Monday, June 19, 2006

Open Thread - Interesting comments over at The Union

(created this post in response to an email)

A compendium; feel free to compend away, now and in future.

Please include date, URL, flavorful (but not overlong) excerpt, and your gently stated reasons for finding the comment(s) noteworthy.

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Bruce said...

This is the comment in question: in reference to The Unions hypocritcal guidlines and criteria for posting online comments. I guess their circulation is down and they need a shot in the arm.

"It was just a little news story for two days; isn't that interesting. He (President Clinton) launched 22 cruise missiles against Baghdad in retaliation for the alleged assassination attempt against George Bush (Sr.) which failed. We killed 6 innocent people launching 22, I think 3 million dollars a piece missiles on Baghdad, killing 6 innocent people. Um, I think that's a little bit overdoing it if you ask me. You know what we should've done? "We, should have embarrassed the Iraqians, you know what I mean. Here's how we could do it. We should've assassinated Bush, and said that's how you do it towel-head, don't f with us... And see if Bush had been the one who had died there would be no loss of innocent life..."

Bill Hicks
Rant in E-Minor"

Anna said...

> "I guess their circulation is down and they need a shot in the arm"

Or they were more than usually overworked so let a bunch slip through, that normally they would have deep-sixed. We don't know.

What would be interesting in a case like this would be if comments critical of the paper had still been deep sixed while inflammatory-in-other-ways comments like this one were allowed through. But we don't have that data either.

(next time you notice it happening, you might try a little experiment... :-)

Although the situation does bring to mind something SF columnist Jon Carroll said, years back, that resonated and stuck - something like "Stewing over someone else's actions is like letting them live rent free inside your head. They do not deserve to be there".

Bruce said...

Anna, I realize that you wish to bring some relativity to the Union situation, but it's a fine line between relativity and enabling. While I haven't taken the time to document all the comments that were not posted, you and I both know what the "relative" truth is.

Bruce said...

Also, have you noticed how the most contentious garbage is posted on Fiday, which leaves them up for a weekend without comment. Sort of like when bad news is released by the government on a Friday night. How clever, not.

Anna said...

Bruce, IMO you - and I - are lavishing upon them far more time and attention than is warranted.

Which brings to mind another quote, that I keep meaning to stick over on the sidebar, coming to us via Paul Graham:

"What's the most important thing you could be doing right now, and why aren't you doing it?"

(which never fails to induce a twinge of guilt, over here.)

ok, I gotta go make some phone calls...

jackson said...

is kady gone, anyone know?

Anna said...

Addressed by Russ Steele here.

She is still here in town though.