Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Union's coverage of development of the fire plan

Not local, but relevant: Wired on predicting the path of wildfires:
Cohen thought it would be a good idea to erect a couple of prefab garage kits in the path of a wildfire... To compare how different materials react to intense heat and flames, Cohen added vinyl and cedar siding and composite shingles onto each structure...added double-pane plate-glass windows...tested whether smoldering pine needles ignited composite shingles; the temperature at which plate-glass windows would shatter; how quickly flames melted vinyl siding...compiling the results of his work into a modeling program called SIAM (Structure Ignition Assessment Model) that will help builders produce structures less prone to catch fire. The program takes into account home dimensions, number and size of windows and doors, construction materials, location and types of surrounding vegetation, and proximity to other homes, then generates recommendations. These might include redesigning a deck or using specific types of fire-resistant siding.
Does the Fire Plan make use of this info?


Just collecting the links in 1 place...

The usual caveats (regarding the blogger's accuracy and The Union's
silently defective Search page) apply.

  • Opinion | September 23, 2004:
    Collaborative effort for fire plan
    It had all the appearance of business as usual at the Board of Supervisors meeting a few weeks ago, but in fact something extraordinary was about to happen. Something that was almost unheard of in Nevada County, where polarization and divisiveness...

  • News | August 4, 2004:
    Fire plan gives meaning to defensible space
    Fire officials hope the Nevada County Board of Supervisors will approve the county's first fire plan on Aug. 17.

  • News | May 27, 2004:
    County fire plan simmers
    A fire safety proposal for Nevada County could demand that landowners clear blaze-causing fuels like brush and small trees for all parcels up to 10 acres.

  • News | February 6, 2004:
    Candidate wants fire-safe home labels (interesting idea, although not part of the Plan as far as I know)

  • Opinion | December 18, 2003:
    Acting now on wildfire safety
    In the recent catastrophic wild fires in Southern California 1,200 square miles were charred. This is an area larger than our Nevada County's 958 square miles. At the peak of the fires 80,000, a number nearly equal to Nevada County's population,...

  • News | November 14, 2003:
    County starts fire-safe plan
    In the aftermath of the recent Southern California firestorms, the first meeting of Nevada County's Fire Plan Committee today is almost eerie in its timeliness.

  • Opinion | March 22, 2003:
    Fire Safe Plan for county needed
    As spring rains end and fire season begins, we all worry about the potential for another devastating forest fire, a fire that could threaten our homes, families and businesses, like the 49er fire did in 1988. The most recent grand jury report and...

  • News | March 5, 2003:
    Forest policy altered
    An amended plan for the 11 national forests of the Sierra - including the Tahoe National Forest - could call for additional logging and thinning, purportedly to avert catastrophic wildfire.

  • News | November 14, 2002:
    Fire safe plan for county advances
    A Nevada County board Wednesday took a step toward a countywide fire safe plan.

  • Opinion | August 8, 2002:
    [county-wide] Fire plan's premises wrong (A letter to the editor)
    A recent The Union editorial stated: "...A uniform countywide standard that everyone can understand might be preferable to establishing different standards for different areas..." We disagree. Different standards for different areas is the essence of good county planning...

  • News | July 6, 2002:
    County fire-safe plan will be considered
    What may be the first county-sponsored fire-safe plan in the state will be considered Tuesday by Nevada County supervisors.

  • News | May 25, 2002:
    NC area fire-safe plan is adopted
    The first of its kind, one Nevada City neighborhood has its own plan to reduce the risk of wildfire.

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