Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Avoid the monoculture, avoid the viruses

The Microsoft security issue for today is poisoned pictures...

If you want to switch to a [free] non-Microsoft browser to use instead of M$IE, download Firefox.

For an email program (also free) to use instead of Outlook Express, download Thunderbird but save a copy of your mailbox first! Thunderbird seems to have vaporized much of the email imported from Outlook Express (and Express can't find it either). The moral is probably "beware of beta software".

I recently made the switch to both these products, and have next to no complaints. I did have trouble placing an online order using Firefox, but that could have been due to my very nonstandard browser settings. Besides, viruses are considerably more trouble - as this poster said,
...the point of using Firefox is having a browser that I don't need to worry about. When I use IE, I'm not sure whether the next link will take me to an exploit.
Note: in this context, "exploits" are not good.

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