Thursday, September 23, 2004

Accumulated animal links

More fluff.

Faux foe fought

a bozo of a baboon:
I once watched a Frans de Waal film, Chimpanzee Politics, at a primate conference, and I was sitting next to another baboonologist. There is a scene where some chimp had just pulled off a brilliant Machiavellian maneuver, and the guy next to me turned and said, "Christ, that is what a baboon would be like if it had a shred of discipline or gratification-postponement."
Close encounters of the furry kind, from a cruel writer skilled in applying tenterhooks. And an aside from the above piece:
An Inuit maxim describes the wolf as "the knife that carves the caribou."

Smart animals

Animal at your service

Animals of questionable taste
  • The Drake; likewise this squirrel
  • Something you probably didn't see on TV as a child
  • Why be vegetarian?
  • speaking of increased rat consumption in Cambodia (weren't we?), vicariously fine (long) post on adventurous eating -
    ...It sort of looked like a big cube of prosciutto, maybe studded with pistachios? But that can't be right, because they don't have pistachios in Vietnam....

Impostor animal

Animal in the name

Speaking of names (babies are animals, aren't they?)

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