Thursday, September 16, 2004

Al-Jazeera is coming (on celluloid) to Nevada City

Control Room will be playing at the Nevada Theatre this coming Sunday. Some URLs to get you in the mood -

USA Today on their code of ethics -
Al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based Arabic satellite channel that U.S. officials have accused of shoddy and biased journalism, has adopted a code of ethics it says will ensure balanced coverage.

Al-Jazeera office in Baghdad closed for 30 days by the interim government in Iraq
Al-Jazeera "no more than other news organisations, has a slant", Kenton Keith, a former US ambassador to Qatar, acknowledged recently
It is one of the larger ironies of the post-war period that a conflict launched in the name of freedom should lead to the banning of one the region's most significant media.

But, as seen in this A-J excerpt on Google news, that slant does seem to be defying gravity ("Is Sudan next? Off Track - - 30 minutes ago") -
Sudan is in the focus of world media attention as political adventurers on both sides of the Atlantic shed crocodile tears on the alleged genocide in Darfur. While they remain habituated to fabricating facts, their lies regarding so-called [etc]
Update - it's not their website after all: is not the website for the satellite TV station Al Jazeera. If you check at, you will see the website is owned by somebody in Georgia.

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