Monday, March 15, 2004

We teach what we most need to learn

- or, hypocrisy begins at home

Sean Bonner (via Doc), after getting e-insults for posting links to factual information on America for Sale:
I would love to start a website with several bloggers from the left, and several from the right who were committed to discussing the issues at hand, rationally, with intelligent back and forth, and facts to back up their claims but I don't know if I can find people to do it. I would love to read a blog like that, but where is it?'s a pretty sad state of affairs that the default response to hearing something you don't agree with is to insult whoever said it, rather than talking to them to find out what makes them feel that way, and trying to explain what makes you feel the way you do.
Problem is, the only people who think they can learn from a discussion with unlike-minded people are liberals.
This lofty and self-serving observation brought to you by someone who has run a "broadcast-only", no-comments weblog for over a year now....

Hence NCFocus is bravely going where almost all other weblogs have gone before -
So -
If you're capable of calm and rational discussion, if you're able to back up your assertions with evidence - note the new "Comments" link at end of the post. Please to read and abide by the provisional Comments Policy at bottom of sidebar, and to keep in mind that this is a weblog - not a cockpit, not Lions and Christians, not hand-to-gut combat - and only contribute your thoughts if you can do so with a cool, rational, and open mind. i.e. you probably don't want to be someone Timothy Burke describes here:
...I think most of the [ZZZs] have backed themselves into the same predicament: there is nothing that could ever falsify their case, nothing that would make them re-think, no event or information that would require a careful reconsideration of their arguments...

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