Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Sorry about the emetic

letters from the Free Republic - compilation and commentary:
(if you think the commentary is biased, go read the letters)
...the Left consciously defends and represents such ideals as equality, fraternity, sorority, liberty, tolerance, compassion -- whether it lives up to them or not -- and this somewhat hampers its rhetorical style in the hate department. The grassroots hardline Right, as we see here, labours under no such handicap.
The rightwing demagogues promote this kind of hate-fest almost as ...inviting their "friends" to the next scheduled public stoning or hanging, as it were. It's both an entertainment and a ritual, like cock-fighting or bear-baiting. Like cock-fighting and bear-baiting it is a ritual closely linked to essentialist notions about masculinity and male pride...
(via TNH, whose particles are a fount of invariably excellent links - for comic relief, try the (long) goats eating gingerbread, for ex.:
"...if you pick [goats] up legs down, like cats, they crane their heads back with gentle curiosity, and thus gore you in the face with their little horns...Alternately, you can pick them up and hold them upside down, legs up in the air. This is even worse, because it puts them in prime kissing position, and their lips go exploring your face. Lifting goats is like invading Middle Eastern countries -- whether they stab you or kiss you, there's no winning.."

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