Monday, March 08, 2004

here's to Right Christians and oldmen

The Right Christians look at sexual mores in the Bible (via)

Found loitering over in Brad DeLong's comments, the oldman, who appears to have garnered more than his share of wisdom -
...neither ['equality of outcome' nor 'equality of opportunity'] has ever existed. The key is to create a redistribution function that maintains social mobility between haves and have-nots based upon talent and effort. Also at stake is that emphemereal concept of egalitarianism. Essentially, no one should be regarded as intrinsically superior whatever the inequality of extrinsic outcomes.
From his website here:
As an old-time Republican from a family of Republicans from a politically conservative area, I have to say that at this point I'd rather vote for a yellow dog than vote for GW Bush. I don't hate Bush. His father got my vote. In '96 Dole was looking good compared to Clinton. However in 2000, the oldman weighed the balance of outcomes and held his nose and voted Democrat for the first time in his entire life...

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