Monday, June 30, 2003

oh. it's still here.

Imiting the inimitable style of Robot Wisdom, stuff:

bush's interesting day
memory hole video thereof

how not to make a living, via A&L daily (ie don't write)

i am john's brain (and haven't a clue what i'm doing)

interview with john maynard smith (via wired). one of those rare people who always makes enormous sense. a clarifier. evolutionary biologist.

Margaret Atwood on dystopias:
Democracies have traditionally defined themselves by, among other things - openness and the rule of law. But now it seems that we in the west are tacitly legitimising the methods of the darker human past, upgraded technologically and sanctified to our own uses, of course. For the sake of freedom, freedom must be renounced. To move us towards the improved world - the utopia we're promised - dystopia must first hold sway...

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