Tuesday, June 03, 2003


Salam Pax's boss finds out. It would be a surprise...

via Dan Gillmor, tooth-gnashing article on the credit reporting agencies and how it is in their interest to include items in your credit report that may not belong to you. Social security number doesn't match? name doesn't match? no problem...     What surprises me is that nobody sues the pants off them.

Conversational Terrorism:
First, we have the Ad Hominem Variants where you attack the person as a way to avoid truth, science or logic which might otherwise prove you wrong.

Next are the Sleight of Mind Fallacies, which act as "mental magic" to make sure the unwanted subject disappears.

Then we move on to Delay Tactics, which are subtle means to buy time when put on the spot.

Then the ever popular Question as Opportunity ploys, where any question can be deftly averted.

Finally, we have the General Irritants, which are basically "below the belt" punches and cheap-shots...

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