Sunday, June 01, 2003


from today's editorial, Anti-war activists' day in court a sorry affair, re trial of antiwar protestors for blocking sidewalk -
...Please. This is embarrassing to watch...

The most embarrassing thing - to a U.S. citizen - is what was said outside the courtroom. From a friend:
when i left the courtroom for a moment...the [court official] came out too and exclaimed to the cops sitting on a bench outside the courtroom waiting [to] testify: they should have shot those fuckers.

talking about shock and awe. i was speechless. it took me a while to compose myself in the restroom, but taking a deep breath i went out and confronted the cops by saying: did you just hear the [court official] say they should have shot those fuckers? almost immediately and in unison they answered: no mam, we did not hear a thing.

this was almost worse. i felt caught and outraged and scared...

[he] actually admitted he had said those words. of course i still have cops testifying, the very ones who lied to me and closed ranks on me...

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