Sunday, June 08, 2003


my mind such as it is has not been into blogging of late. so if you expect incisive commentary and breaking news, expect them elsewhere.

Article on how newspapers steal from each other:
If the Tacoma dust-up is any guide, smaller papers will push the majors to admit when they simply rewrite stories already in circulation. Also, outlets like the Post and the Times will have to be more careful with attributions...

Instapundit via Boston Phoenix Media Log pointing to email re stringers doing virtually all the writing of Latin America stories - "the New York Times and other large media institutions simulate their "news" coverage from the region with "parachutists" - the "official" correspondents (desk reporters) who drop into Latin America's cities and towns briefly to be able to claim they "reported" the story from there..."

Advances in lie detectors. What will this do to politics?

Oldish but interesting - build your own [relative] skyscraper without a permit:'s the biggest, most impressive-looking structure an individual can construct without breaking the law.

...if his building didn't exceed 35 feet in height and had no more than 400 square feet of floor space, he could build it without permits -- or the fees, inspections and delays that go with them. With his tongue playfully planted in his cheek, he says that he is just an artist who has made a sculpture that happens to function like a house that happens to look like a skyscraper.

also not fresh: Buddhists have the best pattern of prefrontal cortex activity. I wonder (if both are stalled) if it's possible to jump-start the left one without first waking up the right one, which does not feel so good...

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