Friday, May 04, 2012

Two upcoming climate events, and Reclaiming The SIerra conference with visionary keynote speech and Saturday workshops

Sat May 5's Connect the Dots, Fri May 18's climate talk, Reclaiming the Sierra conference.

This Saturday afternoon is Nevada County's "Connect the Dots" Climate Impacts Day event - meet at 3pm in the Rite Aid parking lot, in Brunswick Basin.  Details here.

On Friday eve May 18 at the Sierra Club meeting, Katharine Mach of Stanford, a marine biologist who's been co-lead for science of the Technical Support Unit for Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, will speak to our community about the projected impacts of climate change.

Wish I'd gotten it all on tape: a brilliant, visionary keynote speech, opening the Sierra Fund's  Reclaiming the Sierra conference on remediating the impacts of the thousands of abandoned mines in California, was given yesterday morning by Mark Nechodom of California's Department of Conservation, who put into context our efforts today to repair damage wrought by the externalities of the past.  He hammered home the point that we must think for the future, and that there's a test for this: if our great grandchildren are sitting here having this same conversation a century or more from now, we have failed.

Food for thought (2009): Mercury contamination, mainly from coal plant emissions, pervasive in fish nationwide, USGS finds

On Saturday, the conference will offer community workshops, addressing questions like "Is it safe for my kids to eat the fish we catch?" and "How do abandoned mines affect groundwater?", and offering advice on what to do if a mine is proposed.

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